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Weigh systems for mobile plants SIBW

 A Belt Weigher

the perfect solution for plant

Weigh systems for mobile plants SIBW

The CBC-M is based on the extremely successful Series CBC/1001 instrument and draws on 15 years of continuous product development and over thirty years of industry experience. Currently there are systems working in more than 50 countries world wide. The CBC-M uses the same customer interface as the previous models and consequently new or existing customers will have no difficulty in programming or calibrating the system.


● Easy to install

● Weighframe galvanized for long life

● 240/110 vac or 24/12 vdc operation

● Maintenance free - Weighframe has no moving parts

● Easy Calibration

● Large Display

● All Functions Menu Driven

● Three Totals

● Powerful Reports

 We can supply one sensor systems, two sensor systems, and so on.